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3 Home Improvements That Could Make Life Easier For The Elderly

Whether you are thinking in terms for yourself or for an elderly loved one, you might want to start thinking of ways to make life around the house a little easier. By considering the following options, you will finally be able to construct a game plan on how to make that happen.

Walk-In Tubs

A big concern for a lot of elderly homeowners is that it is difficult for them to get in and out of the tub safely. Even if they want to shower and are not trying to sit down and then stand all the way up in the tub, it is still dangerous. This is because hoisting themselves over the side of the traditional tub can prove to be not only complicated, but rather dangerous. This is why you might want to consider a walk-in tub. Basically, there is a door on the side of the tub that swings open so that you can walk straight into the tub. Once that door is shut, you can shower or even fill up the tub for a bath. Be sure to seek out a company that offers elderly care tubs.

Stair Lifts

If climbing the stairs has become so dangerous or painful that the second floor has started to become ignored, it might be time to invest in the installation of a stair lift. This is a chair that sits on a rail that is attached to the wall next to the stairs. You simply sit in the chair, hit a button, and ride up to the top of the stairs. When you are ready to go back down to the first floor, you will simply sit, hit a button, and enjoy your ride down.

Wider Door Frames

The door frames leading from one room to the next could stand to be widened a little if you are finding that it is too difficult to take your average walker or wheelchair through it. Even if no one in the house is in a wheelchair, it is better to be prepared. Simply walking through the house without having to worry about sliding through a doorway sideways with a walker is reason enough to invest in this type of home improvement.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of things that can be installed or improved around the house to make things a little easier for those who are getting up there in their years. All you have to do is decide what would work the best for your personal situation and get a contractor scheduled for the work.