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Four Mistakes You Do Not Want To Make When Installing A Wood Fence

If you want to have a wood fence installed for your home, there are some mistakes that you do not want to make. This can be something like starting with a post that is out of plumb, or having too much of a space between the ground and the bottom of your fence. Whether you are doing the installation of your fence yourself, or a professional fence service install it for you, these are some of the errors that you will want to avoid on your fence:

1. Not Marking The Fence With Easements

When you are going to have a fence installed, you have to make sure that there are no easements that require you to keep your fence a certain distance from your property line. This is your responsibility, and something that you will want to check with your local building authority about. Even if you are hiring a professional fencing service, you will want to do this before you get started building your fence.

2. Not Evenly Laying Out The Posts

The posts of your fence will need to be spaced out evenly. You will want to make sure that the space between each post is shorter than the lengths of railings that pickets will be attached to. For a better appearance, start laying the posts from the front of the fence and make the shorter sections at the back of the fence and where gates are located. When you hire a professional contractor, you can talk to them about laying the fence out this way.

3. Not Plumbing The Posts To Get A Level Start

All the posts for your fence will need to be level when they are put in place. This is something that a professional contractor will do, but if you are doing the fence yourself, you will want to make sure you do this. You can use temporary bracing and stakes to hold the posts level while the concrete is setting in the post hole.

4. Uneven Railings

The railings of the fence will also need to be level and even. This can be difficult if the terrain has different elevations. To get the rails even, always measure from the top of the post when marking the railings. If there is a difference in the elevation, you will want to use the lowest post to measure the location of the top railing, and then level it to get a starting point to fasten center and bottom rails on posts at higher elevations.  

These are some of the things that you will want to avoid when having a wood fence installed. If you want to have your new wood fence installed correctly, it may be best to contact a professional contractor to do the job properly. Talk to companies like Arbor Fence Co Inc, for more information.