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4 Tips For Maintaining Air Conditioning Systems

When it comes to home energy use, air conditioners account for 5 percent, costing homeowners upwards of $11 billion on an annual basis. Because of this, you need to make sure that you're getting the utmost out of your air conditioner use, so that it works best for your home and so that you're spending less. Remaining conscious of your air conditioner's performance will allow you to be less wasteful and will provide you the opportunity to keep your home more comfortable throughout the seasons. But what if you don't know the best ways to care for your air conditioner? Take advantage of the following tips, so that you are able to take care of your air conditioner and your home as a whole. 

#1: Change The Filters On Schedule

Changing the filters on your air conditioner allows you to decrease your energy consumption by as much as 15 percent. In doing this, you will be able to prevent your air conditioner from wearing down prematurely and will keep clean air flowing throughout your household. You might need to change your filters more than the average homeowner if your home gets dusty or if you have furry pets. 

#2: Receive Annual Preventative Maintenance On Your Air Conditioner

The most practical thing you can do for your air conditioner is make sure that you get a professional to provide an inspection and thorough maintenance. Some of the tasks that they will perform during this visit includes checking the motor, inspecting for leaks, cleaning your air ducts and testing the thermostat. You should never neglect this annual maintenance and should receive it well before the summer months arrive. 

#3: Use Your Air Conditioner As Needed, Without Overkill

Running your air conditioner into the ground because of constant use will not only waste energy, it will cause your system to overwork and break down prematurely. Because of this, you should find a temperature and keep the thermostat there, as opposed to constantly toggling temperatures up and down. Further, if your home is not abundantly hot, you should use a fan or open a window instead of taxing the air conditioner unnecessarily. 

#4: Keep The Condenser Clean

Your air conditioner condenser is the unit found outside of your home that constantly runs. The performance you receive indoors depends heavily upon the maintenance of this condenser. Because of this, you should free the condenser of any debris, protect and cover the unit during the winter months and clean coils and fans with commercial cleaning products. 

Taking advantage of these tips will let you get the best performance out of your air conditioner. For any further questions or services, touch base with a licensed and insured air conditioning contractor in your area (such as C & D Cooling & Heating Co).