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How Is A Septic Tank Cleaned?

Your septic tank fills up with all the waste water that your household produces. The tank slowly disintegrates the solids and purifies the remaining liquid. The way that the tank disintegrates the solids is by having anaerobic organisms that eat the solids. While that mostly gets rid of them, there is always a sludge what is left over. That sludge can fill up the first chamber of your septic tank. That will eventually make it so that your septic tank can't take any more waste water from your house and can even overflow. To prevent that, you need to have your septic tank periodically cleaned. 

What Is Septic Tank Cleaning?

Septic tank cleaning is when a septic tank cleaning company, such as Burleson Septic Cleaning, comes to your house, opens up your tank, and gets rid of everything that is inside your tank. That includes the sludge, solids, and any other debris that can end up in your septic tank. The process is also called septic tank pumping. 

How Do They Clean a Septic Tank?

There are several things that need to be done to get your septic tank cleaned out. 

1. Breaking up any scum: You may have scum on top of everything in the tank. The people doing the cleaning will have to break up that scum on top of the liquid so that they can see what is going on in the tank. That scum can be made up of a lot of things, including undigested paper or food. It can actually be a thick layer and may be part of the reason that your tank is full or clogged. The cleaners may take some of that scum out so that they can get to the next steps easier.

2. Pumping out the liquid: After any and all scum has been broken up, it's time to start pumping out the liquid. The septic tank cleaners will come out with a truck with a large tank. It will also have a powerful vacuum hose. It's that hose that lets them pump out all the liquid. Everything goes into the tank so that it can be taken away when they are done. 

3. Getting rid of the sludge: After the liquid is out, the people who are cleaning up your septic tank can start handling the sludge. While that will also get pumped out, it won't necessarily be easy to do that. Some of the sludge may need to be taken out manually so that the pump can clean it up. 

4. Disposing of the contents: Once your tank is empty and the truck is full, it's time to dispose of the tank's contents. Generally the septic tank cleaning company will take everything to a wastewater treatment plant so that it can be treated, just like raw sewage that comes through the sewers. 

Getting your septic tank cleaned regularly makes sure that it will keep working as long as possile.