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Less Warm Air From A Heating System: What Can Cause It & How It Can Be Fixed

Does it seem like your heating system is not producing heat as warm as it once did? There are several things that could be wrong, including having a heat pump that is dirty or worn out. Find out what could possibly be causing your heater to lack in warm air production and what should be done to fix the problem.

What Can Cause a Reduced Amount of Warm Air from a Heating System?

The main part of a heating system is the furnace, as it is how the bulk of warm air is produced. The pilot of the furnace is where combustion completes as hydrocarbons are turned into carbon dioxide and water; this how your home is able to be heated. Problems with the pilot can lead to no hot air coming from the heating system because the pilot must be functional enough to produce a flame. However, if you feel heat in your home in a small amount, the problem is not likely with the pilot.

The reason you are lacking a sufficient amount of heat may be due to the heat pump not exchanging air between the interior and exterior of your home. The pump helps with heat production by routing cool air out of the house and bringing in warm air from the environment. When no warm air is in the environment due to it being a cold season, there is an auxiliary heater that kicks in to create warm air. A heat pump may stop functioning right if there is an excessive amount of dirt on the motor.

What Can Be Done When a Heat Pump Malfunctions?

If the problem with the heat pump is that the motor is unable to work because of dirt, a specialist should be able to clean it to fix your heating problem. It is not uncommon for heat pumps to accumulate a lot of dirt because it is located on the outside of the house. If you have a heat pump that is simply worn beyond repair, you will need to get a new one. Three ton capacity air source heat pumps can cost as low as $2,000 if you don't need new air ducts.

Make sure your heating system is producing warm air in the highest capacity so you won't have to run it long and increase energy costs. Contact a heating specialist at places like http://allrightplumbingandhvac.com to find out if a heat pump repair is necessary!