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House On A Hill? Protect Your Home's Concrete Slab Foundation With A French Drain System

If your property's hilly terrain is causing standing water to form around your concrete slab foundation every time it storms, then you need to have a French drain system installed to remove the water before it has the opportunity to permanently damage the foundation of your home.

How Water Severely Damages Your Property

Standing water around the exterior of your home results in injury to the structural integrity of your home. For example, the water can cause the concrete slab to crack.

Foundation cracking leads to:

  • cracks in interior walls
  • sloped floors
  • roofing leaks

In addition to structural issues with your home, standing water can also damage your landscaping. Too much water will flood your plants and cause them to die prematurely. Also, pooling water can damage walkways by undermining them and cracking concrete or washing away landscape rock.

How a French Drain is Installed

To install a French drain system on your property, your contractor will dig a large hole known as a seepage pit. This pit is where the excess water from your home's roof will be diverted. The seepage pit will be located well away from your home. How far away the pit will be located is dependent on your local county building codes and the terrain of your property.

Buried drain pipes will be used to connect your home's rain gutter downspouts to the seepage pit. The pipe will be slanted downhill towards the seepage pit, in order to allow gravity to move the excess water into the pit.

The seepage pit will allow water to be absorbed into the earth to be recycled into the water table. In some parts of the country, seepage pits are called dry wells.

How French Drains are Installed in High Water Table Areas

If you live in an area with a very high water table, then the French drain system's seepage pit will need to be lined with a container similar in look to a septic tank. This type of container is known as a catch basin.

Since water in a catch basin does not have any place to escape, a submersible sump pump will be installed into the tank. The sump pump will move the water to your local municipal storm drain system through another set of pipes.


Now that you can clearly see how a French drain can help protect your home and landscaping from water damage, you should contact a licensed building contractor like one from Rite-Way Waterproofing in your area for a consultation appointment.