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Taking A Closer Look At The Benefits Of The Commercial Green Roof

When you are in the process of making changes to the roofing of your commercial business, there is a good chance that you will come across some information about green roofing, also sometimes referred to as vegetated roofing. This incredibly innovative roofing variation involves installing a layer of waterproof material on the top of the building and filling the surface with topsoil, which is then plugged and sowed with various forms of grass and vegetation. If this is something you think would be a good fit for your business, you should know some of the most attractive benefits of this modern form of commercial roofing.

Help Contribute to Stormwater Management in Urban Areas

In highly populated areas where buildings are erected side by side and concrete surfaces take up the majority of the land, there is little true ground for he absorption of heavy rains that fall during storms. This lack of true natural ground means that controlling rain and water during storms can be a nightmare. There is only so much that storm drainage systems can handle without being flooded. Green roofs provide an extra space for this excess water to fall and absorbs naturally into the soil surface, instead of just being routed to ground levels through a gutter system.

Reap the Benefits of Longevity

You may think that a green roof must be something that would have to be replaced more often than traditional roofing materials. However, this is actually completely opposite of the truth. A green roof, professionally installed with the best materials, is fully expected to last as much as twice as long as other roofing materials. Therefore, if you choose a green roof for your commercial building, you will be able to save on future roof replacement costs.

Help Reduce Atmospheric Overheating

Cities are notorious for being hotter in summer months than more rural locations because asphalt and concrete surfaces actually do absorb the radiation produced by the sun and hold it in the atmosphere. Providing a green roof helps to reflect that solar energy back out into the air, helping to contribute to reduced solar energy in the area. Even though one building may not be enough to make a dramatic difference, if more businesses chose green roofing, together you could make a dramatic difference.

Green roofs boast a lot of benefits — not just for the business owner but for the rest of the surrounding community. 

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