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Learn How To Use Your Glass French Doors To Create An Indoor Greenhouse

Looking to start your own garden this year? Starting your plants from seeds allows you to be sure that you know everything about them from start to finish. Buy some organic seeds and use the following guide to learn how to use your glass French doors to create an indoor greenhouse to sprout seeds for your garden.

Gather Your Supplies

To make an indoor greenhouse, you will need sealable sandwich bags, your organic seeds, paper towels, a permanent marker, water, and tape. You need to have many bags and paper towels because you will only be putting a few seeds into each bag.

Label Your Bags

After the seeds start to sprout, it may be difficult to identify the difference between the different kinds seeds. Before placing anything into the bags, label one side of the bag with the name of the seed that will be placed in it using the marker.

Create Your Greenhouses

Wet a paper towel with the water and fold it in half. Fold the paper towel in half one more time and then open that fold back up again. Place your four to five seeds in the fold you created and then fold the paper towel shut again. Place the wet paper towel into the appropriately labeled sandwich bag.

Clean the Glass

The bags will need to be attached to your glass French doors for a few days. You need to be sure that you clean the glass well to ensure that the tape stays stuck to the door. Use a mixture of vinegar and water to wash the glass with a clean rag. Allow the glass to dry fully before proceeding.

Attach the Greenhouses

Start at the upper left corner of the french door and use tape to secure both the top and bottom of the bags to the glass. Continuing taping bags to the door until all of the bags are taped in place or until you run out of room.

As the sun shines on the bags hanging on the door, the water in the paper towels will start to create condensation inside of the bag to help the seeds sprout. You will be able to see the seeds through the wet paper towels so keep an eye on them because you do not want to leave them in the bags for too long or their roots can grow into the paper towel and be difficult to remove. Once the seeds have sprouted, you can move them into small starter cups of soil and then plant them into the ground when planting season starts.