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Three Ways To Integrate Bio Filtration Systems Into Your Septic System

If you are concerned about your septic system contaminating ground water, bio filtration systems can be a good solution for your home. These systems include filtration medium like peat moss and wetland designs to filter the waste from your septic system. If you want to have a bio filtration system, here are some of the options you have to integrate eco-friendly drainage solutions into your septic system:

1. Using A Mound System With Living Plants For Filtration

Mound systems are a type of drainage solution that can often be used when there is problem with high water tables. If you have a mound septic system installed for your home, you can also use Biofilter solutions to reduce the possibility of ground water contamination. This can be done with plants such as moss and native grasses, which provide a natural filtration for the affluent that comes from your septic tanks.

2. Designed Wetland Systems For Waste Filtration Solution

Wetlands are another solution that you may want to consider for your septic system. This is different than a conventional drainage field, which is a wetland area designed to filter waste from your septic system. This can be a good solution if you have a large property with the extra space to install an engineered wetlands area. It can also be costly to install, but can help to ensure that the wastewater from your septic system does not contaminate groundwater.

3. An Enclosed System With Biofilter Solutions For Waste Treatment

Enclosed systems can be also be a solution if ground water contamination is a concern. These systems are completely enclosed with a liner to keep affluent from getting out. This type of system can also have a Biofilter consisting of peat moss, grasses and other natural plants that can filter waste. The system can also be closed, or a system that has an open drainage system for filtered affluent. This can be a good solution for rural homes where wetland and mound systems are not possible. It can also be good for self-contained septic systems where the contamination of bodies of water may also be a concern when installing a septic system.

These are some of the alternative filtration solutions that you may want to consider for your septic system. If you are ready to have a these features for your homes waste treatment solution, contact a septic system contractor, like Rhode Island Septic Service, and talk with them about some of these options.