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Five Good Reasons to Choose Seamless Gutters

If you are like most homeowners, you struggle to keep leaves and debris from clogging your roof drainage system. Clogged gutters are not just unsightly; they can lead to water getting into your home and all of the issues associated. Clogged gutters can also lead to damaged landscaping and poor curb appeal. One way to help keep your gutters clean and free of debris is to invest in seamless gutters.

Seamless gutters, as the name implies, are molded to fit the entire length of your house, rather than being constructed of several sections of gutter pieces. Many contractors bring an extruding machine right to your residence and create the gutters on site, rather than transport them. Seamless gutters offer a number of advantages.

Benefits of investing in seamless gutters

1. Fewer leaks. Getting rid of the gutter seams means that there are fewer places for your gutters to leak, reducing the potential of water getting in your house and cascading water that can damage the plants and shrubs underneath it or even fall on your family members' or guests' heads.

2. A sleeker look. Seamless gutters give the exterior of your home a sleeker, more uniform look. You also don't have to worry about one section drooping lower than the other sections as traditional gutters tend to do.

3. Less debris accumulation. Leaves, dirt, and other debris are less likely to get stuck in the middle of a seamless gutter, since there are no bolts or metal pieces on which to adhere. This design helps to keep your gutters cleaner with less effort.

4. Easier to clean. Since seamless gutters don't have bolts and brackets that you find with traditional, sectional gutters, they are easier to clean. You can just sweep all of the leaves and debris together and remove it at once, rather than having to clean each section separately.

5. Less maintenance. Less debris means there is less weight in your gutters, making seamless gutters more likely to stay in place for a lower period of time. In addition, less debris means that your gutters will be less enticing to birds and other pests, another common cause of gutter failure.

While seamless gutters may not be the right choice for every homeowner, this type of gutter has fewer leaks, gives your home a sleeker appearance and helps your gutters to stay clean and free of debris with less effort. Talk to a professional like Miller Roofing & Guttering Inc. for more information.