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Four Reasons Why A Metal Roof Is Best For Roof Replacement

If the time has come to replace your home's failing roof, you are most likely considering the different roofing materials available to you. It may be an easy decision to replace your roof with the same materials you currently have, but now is the time to make a change that can last for the next couple of decades. Consider these reasons why a metal roof is a great option.

A Metal Roof is Durable

A home will usually have asphalt shingles, which were most likely selected due to how affordable they are. Unfortunately, asphalt will not last very long. You'll be lucky to get 15-18 years from a 3-tab asphalt shingle, and you may encounter problems with the material before the whole thing needs a roof replacement. This is because individual shingles can fail and require replacement.

A metal roof will last 30-45 years, and is much more durable. It resists wind, snow, rain, and the hot rays from the sun.

A Metal Roof Can Add Beauty

Many homeowners think of a metal roof as something that is tacky and cheap. They picture an old tin roof that looks ugly and is noisy. This can give the wrong impression that causes a homeowner to stick with something out of habit that is more traditional, such as asphalt.

A metal material like copper can add beauty to a roof, which is why the material is used in older Victorian homes. A metal roof can even increase a home's resale value because of the beauty it provides, helping it stand out from the neighbors. That's why homeowners with the proper knowledge choose metal roofs.

A Metal Roof Can Save You Money

Metal roofs are often praised because of how energy efficient they can be. Reflective coatings make it possible for a roof to repel hot sunlight, which keeps your home cool and your energy bills low. There are even tax benefits you can receive for installing a metal roof.

A Metal Roof Is Environmentally Friendly

Metal is often used when constructing green homes because of the great job they do at insulating, and because the material itself is also green. When it comes time to tear down a metal roof, the material can be recycled instead of thrown it into a landfill.

If you feel like a metal roof is right for you, speak with a roofing contractor in your area about having one installed on your home.