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Tips For Protecting Yours And Your Customer's Investment In Your Construction Project

Protecting your construction site is extremely important because the customer you are building it for usually has a great deal of money invested in it. The time and money you have invested in your construction business is another reason you need to make sure security for your job site is high on your list of priorities. Follow these tips for ensuring your equipment and other property is secure while sitting on a construction site.

Rental Fencing Is A Good Idea

Protecting your equipment left every night on the job site is easier when you have a durable fence in place. Many fence companies rent fencing specifically for construction sites. While these kinds of fences are temporary until your project is finished, you should know they are put up in the same manner as fencing meant to be even longer-lasting. Various types of fencing are available for you to choose from, each one offering the benefit of greater job site security:

  • Chain link in-ground fencing: This type of fencing is best for long term construction projects because it is the most durable, is harder to break through and can be high. Chain link fencing also offers the option of swinging gates, making it easy to go and in out during the work day. Chain link fencing used on a rental basis is usually installed by pounding the posts into the ground instead of placing them in concrete underground. Your chain link fence will, however, be just as strong and secure. Adding barbed wire along the top of a chain link fence is an excellent way to increase its protection benefits. Contact a fencing company like Statewide Rent-A-Fence for more information.
  • Wooden fence panels: For the construction site that you would prefer to have hidden from view, maybe because you have expensive sitting in plain sight, wooden panels are the perfect choice. However, you can also choose windscreen material for chain link fencing that can work to hide your equipment.

Lighting Can Be A Great Deterrent To Thieves

Installing motion sensing security lights in all the dark corners of your job site is one of the best ways to deter thieves, especially when they think the site is an easy target because it is dark. When lights come on while a thief is trying to get in, their first thought is someone is on the site. Investing in security lighting is a good idea for this reason.

Fake Cameras And Security System Signs

You can spend a lot of money on advanced surveillance systems. However, if you have cameras in plain sight, a thief will automatically think they are being watched, even if that camera is a fake. Placing several fake cameras around your job site is a good way to make thieves think twice about breaking into it. Fake cameras are also a lot less expensive than the latest digital surveillance system. You can also buy security system signs and stickers online and put them up in various places on your site to warn thieves you have a security system even when you do not-- another way to save money for security on your site.

When you stop to consider the money and time you may have invested in a single construction project, you can see why securing it is of the utmost importance. This is especially true if you stand to lose a good customer if anything is damaged or stolen from the property.