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Strange Smells Coming From Your Air Conditioning Vents? Why An HVAC Contractor Needs To Be Called Immediately

If you have just flipped on your air conditioning for the warm seasons, you may expect a few days of odd, damp smells. However, if you smell some other strange odors, you should call an HVAC contractor right away. Any one of the following smells could indicate something is seriously wrong with your air conditioning or that something is awry with your ventilation system.

Fresh-Cut Grass or Chloroform

If you smell something like freshly cut grass every single time your air conditioning kicks on, and the smell does not go away, even days after you have actually cut the grass outside, there might be a freon leak in your air conditioner. Some people might argue that you cannot smell freon, but people with highly sensitive olfactory nerves can smell it. Those that have smelled and can smell freon also describe it as smelling like chloroform, although significantly fewer people could make that comparison unless they have actually smelled chloroform in their lines of work. Generally, it has a light, sweet odor that is dangerously inviting. If you smell anything like this, turn your air conditioning off and call the HVAC tech for an emergency repair appointment.

Burnt Copper

A burnt metal smell similar to how pennies smell when you hold them in your hand a long time is also another warning sign that your air conditioner is in trouble. Copper wiring is frequently used in heating and cooling machines, and if you smell this it could mean that some copper wiring has short-circuited or crossed paths with other wires. Either way, it could start a fire, and the situation should be addressed immediately.

Death and/or Decay

Just as chimneys can have problems with animals sneaking into them and "expiring," so can the condenser and your ventilation system. Usually, the animals you will encounter in these areas are mice or very small birds that scurried or flew in through the condenser's slats at just the right angle, got lost inside and died. Mice will get into a house and scurry about, using the ventilation system as a blockage-free highway to get anywhere in your home, but then get lost and confused when cold or hot air begins to blow. Once the mice get lost and confused, then they expire because they become trapped. Other small animals may do the same, so if you smell something quite sour or foul, you will want to have the HVAC technician check it out if for no other reason than air quality.

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