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Best Bathroom Fixtures For Kids

If you are lucky enough to have a separate bathroom for your children to use, your life is already better than many Americans. You can make things even better if you choose additions during a remodel that are particularly friendly to children. 

Vanity Tops

Experts recommend choosing items that work for adults as well as kids to keep your home's resale value high. You can pick an elegant granite vanity top to please an adult's aesthetic knowing that it will be almost impossible for your children to damage. Buying a lower height vanity is not a good idea. Your children will often grow quite quickly, shooting up inches in just a few months. If you stick with a standard height vanity, you can buy a safe and cute step stool for your kids to use when they are smaller and not have to update when they grow up.


You can go two ways with kids toilets. You can buy a standard-sized toilet and provide a step stool and kid-friendly seats for your children. Experts often recommend having your kids deal with these adult-sized toilets because they will most often encounter that size. Also, if you want to sell your home at some point, your potential buyers may be more attracted to an adult-ready bathroom. Other people advocate providing your child with toilets that are kid-sized to make them less intimidating. If you can afford to change out the fixtures once your child is older, a kid's toilet can work for your home.

Toy Boxes

If you can build a toy box in your child's bathroom, your life will be easier, the toys will be cleaner, and the bathroom will be neater. Kids want toys in the tub, and who can blame them? Playing in a tub full of bubbles and their favorite dolls or action figures is a childhood dream. If you have no room for a built-in toy box, you can use baskets or other easy-to-clean containers placed on a shelf or other sturdy surface.

You can make your children's bathroom inviting and easy for them to use, even if you keep everything adult-sized. Simple footstools and other additions can make a regular bathroom a great place for kids. You may also choose kid-sized fixtures if you don't mind changing them out as your child grows. A little attention to the bathroom remodeling design will make you and your kids happy.