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Three Marble Cleaning Tools And Products You Can Use In Between Professional Cleanings

Marble floors, especially when they are swirled with natural color patterns and are buffed to a high gloss, can be extremely beautiful. There is just one problem. These floors are notoriously difficult to keep clean without damaging them. Your standard household cleaners should never be used on the floors, and frequent professional marble cleanings can get expensive. There are a few tools and marble cleaning products that you can buy and use on your floors for those times that your floors need cleaning in between professional visits.

Marble and Natural Stone Cleaner

This highly-specialized marble cleaner emulsifies dirt and dust, allowing it to be easily lifted off your marble floors without scratching or scrubbing the floors in a way that could damage them. One gallon of this stuff is quite affordable, when compared to what it would cost you to repair or replace a section of floor that has been damaged because the wrong cleaner was used on it. If you buy the right kind, you can get a highly concentrated, biodegradable solution that will last a long time and never dull the shine of your floors.

Marble and Aggregate Stone Polishing Compound

This stuff comes in a big tub and is very gritty in consistency. You can apply it the old-fashioned way, which involves using a scrubby brush or toothbrush to the areas of your floor that are quite worn and in need of restoration. Otherwise, there are also floor polishing machines that can intensify the effect of the polishing compound on the areas of your floor that receive a lot of traffic and are a little worse for the wear. A light wipe-down with a damp (not dripping wet) rag after the polishing compound will remove any of the remaining grit residue.

Floor Finishing and Buffing Machines

Floor finishing and buffing machines are just like the vacuums and carpet cleaners you may already use in other parts of your house. They are fairly simple to operate, and they can help apply finishing and sealing solutions to your marble floors with ease and efficiency. The buffing pads for buffing machines are soft and light, they will not grind or scratch the marble, and they buff it back to its original shiny surface. Some finishing and buffing machines double as grinding polishers, allowing you to switch out the pads underneath for polishing pads. (If you really want to get into the DIY care of your marble floors, you may want to buy a multi-purpose floor care machine.)

For more information about keeping your marble floors clean and in good shape, contact a company like All American Stone & Tile Care Inc.