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3 Considerations To Make When Constructing A Dock

Having easy access to a lake or river on your property can make it more convenient to enjoy these water features. The construction of a dock is one way to provide your friends and family with the easy water access they need to get more use out of your private water features.

Here are three considerations that you should be making when you invest in the construction of a dock in the future.

1. Do you need shelter for swimmers?

There are few things more refreshing than jumping into a cool lake or river on a hot day, but swimmers could be in danger if you don't take the time to carefully consider the placement of your permanent dock.

If your dock will be servicing the needs of both swimmers and boats, then it's important that you position your dock so that it provides shelter for swimmers while they are in the water. By positioning your dock so that boats and other motorized watercraft only have access on one side, you will create a safe haven for swimmers without compromising boat access.

2. Will you be doing much sunbathing on your dock?

Many people enjoy using their docks for more than just a place to secure their boat. If you plan to do a lot of sunbathing on your dock, then you will want to carefully plan the position of the dock so that it gets maximum sun exposure throughout the day.

Locating a construction site that gets ample sun while still providing access to water that is deep enough to dock a boat can be challenging, so this is a consideration you must make prior to committing to the construction of your permanent dock.

3. How many water vehicles do you plan to own?

There are many different kinds of motorized vehicles that can be used in the water. Boats, jet skis, and other watercraft will all be tied up at your dock, so it's important that you take the number of vehicles you plan to own into consideration before constructing your permanent dock.

Ensuring that you have enough space to dock all of your water vehicles, as well as engage in any lounging or sunbathing is critical when it comes to your dock's design. Be sure that you are investing in a dock that is large enough to accommodate not only your current needs, but your projected needs as well.

Building a dock can be a great way to make your private water features more accessible. Be sure that you are considering the many ways in which your dock will be used before you begin construction to ensure you end up with a dock that is equipped to meet your needs.

Once you're sure that you're ready to build a dock, contact Abbott's Construction Services Inc. or another local marine construction company near you.