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Multiple Burglaries In Your Community: Keeping Your Home And Family Safe This Summer

If you live in a community with multiple burglaries, you may wonder if you can do anything to keep your home and family safe this summer. As summer heats up, a number of homeowners leave their windows open to keep cool during the night. Criminals often look for open windows to enter homes and take the residents' valuables when they retire to bed. Windows with flimsy glass and wooden frames are also vulnerable to burglary. Here's how thieves take advantage of windows left open or cracked and what you can to to keep safe.

How Do Thieves Use Your Windows to Enter Your Home?

Thieves can use your windows to enter your home in a number of ways, including breaking the glass. Although breaking glass can be loud, you may not wake up until the thief is dangerously near you and already inside the house. If a child hears the noise and goes to check it out, the burglar may harm them. 

Leaving your windows partially opened to allow cool air into the home can be an open invitation for burglary. Thieves can use crowbars and other heavy tools to lift up the bottom frames of your windows and slide them up unnoticed. They can also use tools to jimmy the locks of half-opened windows, or the criminals can use their tools to push or pull out panes of glass. 

You can take steps to keep your home and loved ones safe with the right tips and information.

What Can You Do to Stay Safe?

One of the safest ways to keep cool and safe is to install impact-resistant windows in your home. Although impact windows are designed to protect your home from hurricanes and other dangerous weather conditions, they may work well to keep criminals out of your home. The windows typically come with sturdy, thick vinyl frames, or they may come with wooden frames reinforced with steel. These features allow the frames of the windows to withstand the impacts of heavy objects. 

The windows generally come with two outer panes of impact-resistant glass and one inner core filled with laminated glass or argon gas. Laminated glass is considered shatterproof and resistant to theft. You may wish to add special tints and other features to the panes to block out the sun's heat during the day, which may help keep your home cool and comfortable at night. If you still don't know what features to add to your windows, a contractor can examine your home to help you decide.

For more information about installing impact windows in your home, contact a contractor near you today, such as Gulf Coast Builders Inc.