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Xeriscape Landscaping: Three Ideas for Starting Your New Lawn

Xeriscape landscaping encompasses the idea that your landscaping doesn't have to use a lot of water for its daily maintenance. This type of landscaping is used in desert communities and areas that are prone to drought. Without the need to water grass every day, these homeowners can conserve water while still having a beautiful lawn. Of course, you don't have to live in the desert to put this type of landscaping to work for you. Here are a few options you can use if you are new to this type of landscaping or if you are unsure about committing fully to a grass-free lawn.

Add a Rock Garden

Rock gardens can offer a beautiful addition to your lawn, whether you have grass or not. Consider adding a rock garden on either side of your front porch or creating a rock path on both sides of your sidewalk. By removing a portion of your grass and replacing it with rocks, you can immediately lower the amount of water needed to maintain your lawn, and you can enjoy a yard that requires a bit less maintenance.

Expand Your Walkways

Instead of relying on a single, skinny sidewalk, consider renovating your front yard to create a beautiful stone or concrete paver walkway. Once the walkway is in place, you can line the walk with xeriscape-friendly plants, such as thyme, rosemary, and lavender. These drought-resistant perennials require little water and still deliver the color and lush look you want for your lawn.

Switch to Ornamental Grasses

You don't have to eliminate greenery completely to create a stunning landscape. Ornamental grasses add the rich green color you want for your lawn without the high water requirement. These grasses have the appearance of a cross between shrubs and grass, and they give your lawn a natural look. Because they are meant to grow tall, you also won't have to worry about mowing the grass each week. These grasses can be arranged strategically to create a manicured look, or you can simply plant them around your home and walkways to create a wild-prairie look. A landscaping crew such as one from Bourget Bros Building Materials can help you to determine placement and handle maintenance for your ornamental grasses.

As you begin to use xeriscape landscaping, start small to ease your way into more sustainable lawn care. Choose one of these options to start with, and continue building your landscape until you have the beautiful property you want without the high water bills and troublesome regular maintenance.