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3 Ways To Increase The Curb Appeal Of Your Home

If you're ready to move on and sell your home, getting your home ready for viewing takes more than just arranging furniture inside. Your home's curb appeal can make or break a sale. Here are several unique ideas for creating a home that draws in potential buyers from the moment they lay eyes on it.

Create a Pathway to the Front Door

Before you can do anything, it's important to have a land survey done to get the measurements of your property. Once a survey is performed, you'll know the angles that you have to work with and be able to block out specific shapes and designs for walkways and paths as well as decorative elements. A path that leads from a driveway or sidewalk to the home's front door should be easy to walk; it should not be too steep. This path draws the eye from the road to the door, showing potential buyers how to come inside and encouraging them to walk through the yard. To make this a walk they won't forget, create a path that is not chipped or damaged. It should not have uneven stones, since this can lead to tripping. Consider using mosaic tiles to create images along the path or just to add color and interest.

Add Bold Color to the Home

Adding color to your home and yard can draw the eye and make it look like you care about your property. Start by making sure your front door is pristine; the door should be sanded and repainted a complimentary color if it is chipping or looks worn. Around the doorway, add planters of fresh flowers or small bushes to draw interest and make it look clean and well-kept. If you have a light next to your front door, remember to remove any cobwebs or dust and to replace burnt out bulbs. Turn on the light—this is a universal symbol that you are home and taking visitors.

Repair and Update Your Driveway

One of the last things a potential home buyer will want to do is try to drive up a driveway that isn't well maintained. It's not necessary to have a paved driveway, but if you have a gravel drive, make sure the gravel is topped up and looks even. Any large gouged out areas should be filled in; no one wants to step out of a car into a puddle or to have to struggle to park in deep grooves where previous cars have parked.

These are just a few ideas for getting your yard and driveway up to snuff before a home showing. With the right care to attention, your home will draw in the buyers you deserve. Contact a local contractor to have a land survey performed before you begin, or click here for more information.