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Does Your Teeanger Want To Change Their Room? Tips To Paint Their Room

If your child is now a teenager, they may want to update their room to go with their age. Fortunately, this does not have to be expensive and you can do much of this on your own. One way you can do this is by painting their room. Painting the room can make a big difference in how it looks. This is especially true if the walls are white or a pastel color, such as pale pink. Let your teen help you choose the colors they want.  Below is more information about choosing the paint color for their room makeover.

Paint Color

Many teenagers like bright colors and some colors that would work well include purple, bright blue, navy blue, red, and orange. They could even use black if they wish.

If your teen is a girl, purple may be a good choice for them and there are many shades they can choose from. Black furniture in a purple room looks nice, or you could use white furniture if your child chooses a light lavender color. Many teen girls still like pink, but they may want a much darker pink instead of a soft pink. A rich pink with accents in sunny yellow, purple, or green would look great.

If your teen is a boy, a natural beige or a brown would go well with accents in blue, green, or orange. A navy or a cobalt blue would look great with brown or green accents.

If your teen would like to paint their room black, do not paint the entire room black as it will be too dark. Instead, paint one wall black and then use brighter colors for the rest of the walls. Any color will go well with black.

Add some shades on the window that go well with the color of the walls. You should also consider the best type of paint to use for your teenager's bedroom. A paint store or a paint contractor can help you with this as well as paint the room for you. This will ensure the job is done correctly.

Paint Sheen

Once your teenager chooses the color of paint they want, you have to consider the sheen that would work well. In most cases, the paint will be available in different sheen to choose from. Paint that has no sheen is a matte finish and some light reflects off a matte finish. A glossy or semi-glossy sheen reflects more light, so their room would look sunnier.  If you cannot decide what sheen would work best, you can mix them up to create your own sheen.

What you choose depends on how sunny your child wants their room to be. The paint store can show you these different sheens to help you make a choice.

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