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4 Reasons To Use Salvaged Barn Wood

Salvaged barn wood is highly sought after. However, this is not just a luxury item for high priced construction projects. It can used for small furniture pieces or large exterior siding installs. Besides being stylish and unique, there are several other advantages to using salvaged barn wood for your project. This article explains why barn wood is great for all types of projects.

It Is an Eco Friendly Option

Most people love the fact that they are using a recycled product. This low impact product when you consider the controversies surrounding deforestation and the effects of wood production on the environment. When you reuse barn wood that was originally milled, treated, and painted or stained for another purpose, you are not leaving behind a big footprint.

It Is Tempered

Most people mistakenly think that the wood is basically ripped off a barn and then delivered straight to your jobsite. In actuality, the wood needs to be tested and retreated so it can be used. The wood needs to be structurally sound and free of termite infestation if it is to be resold. However, this treatment does not actually change the look of the wood. It is only meant to preserve the current state of the wood and prevent further aging.

It Is Completely Unique

To many builders the most attractive thing about salvaged barn wood is that you know your product will be completely unique and one of a kind. Manufacturers hand select and create packages of wood. This is not to say that they are all necessarily from the same original structure. However, they usually have a cohesive style with similar grain patterns, sizes, and finishes. This mixing and matching does mean that the installation should be handled by professionals. Installing reclaimed wood, with the uneven widths, lengths and thicknesses is definitely much harder than installing engineered wood siding.

It Can Be Customized

When you go to buy your wood, you always have the option of adding a clear or tinted stain to your wood. Of course, most people want to preserve the natural colors. A light tint can bring out the natural colors in the wood. Also a clear stain can add a little gloss to the wood and make it look more appropriate in modern construction. It is really a matter of personal preference.

Salvaged barn wood is a great product and very fun to work with.

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