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4 Reasons Pallet Rack Permits Are A Business Necessity That Should Not Be Taken Lightly

Do you own or operate a business that plans to utilize pallet racks in the future? If so, you are going to need a pallet rack permit at some point. Unfortunately, some decision makers for companies assume that pallet rack permits are optional, especially if they are in charge of a small organization. Failing to get a permit can cause a number of problems for your company. The following points will help you understand the importance of not overlooking this important business detail.


Imagine what would happen if an accident occurred on your business property shortly after you installed new pallet racks. Your business insurance could, and likely would, deny injury claims as well as any product losses and property damages. 


Your business has employees who will work with, or in close vicinity to, pallet racks. This means that unstable pallet racks put those employees at risk for injuries or even death. Permits will aid in detecting problematic areas and rectifying the issues found to ensure that your work environment is as safe as possible. 

Code Compliance

Most jurisdictions have several codes of compliance when it comes to pallet racks. This means that by not getting a permit, you could be breaking fire and business codes, which could result in fines and sanctions. You might also end up spending revenue trying to fix the problems you cause for the business. There is also a possibility that your business could be closed for a while if it is discovered that you do not have the proper pallet rack permits. 

Unique Situations

Perhaps your business is located in an area that has seismic activity. This means that you have even more of a reason to ensure that the pallet racks in your facility are safe. If there is any activity in your area, such as an earth tremor or earthquake, it is possible that the pallet racks in your location could collapse, or the materials they contain could collapse. a High Piled Combustible Permit protects businesses in these potentially tragic and unforeseen situations by ensuring that their pallet rack installation can withstand the seismic activity.  

A pallet rack installation company is a good resource to us for your installations and permits. These professionals can ensure that you are within the legal requirements as well as reduce the chances of any unfortunate incidents happening due to pallet rack issues. For many business owners and operators, it is difficult to navigate the process of filing for permits. Professional installation companies know what is required for permits, and they also know which types of testing need to be performed to ensure safety. Their services can aid in ensuring that you can focus on your day-to-day business operations as you aim to ensure that new pallet rack installations are compliant and safe. For more information, talk to companies like Certified Handling Systems.