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Recognizing Well Pump Warning Signs

Well pumps are often out of sight, out of mind. Consequently, many homeowners do not realize there is a problem with their well pump until it's massive. You can change this in your home. Knowing how to recognize a problem with the pump during the initial stages can save you money and time. Here are just some of the things you should be on the lookout for.

Reduced Water Pressure

One of the earliest, and easiest to recognize, signs of a failing pump is reduced water pressure. One of the main functions of the well pump is to deliver water from the well to your home.

However, when it is not functioning properly, (for example, maybe if the monitor is failing), the rate at which the pump can deliver this water will be hindered. So, the next time you go to wash your hands or take a shower, it may feel like a trickle more than a full flow of water, which is never an ideal experience.

Particles in the Water

When you turn on the faucet, the water flowing out should be clear. When you start to see small particles in your water, this is cause for concern. The first thing you should consider investigating is the well pump's filter. The function of the filter is to sort out particles from the well water before it is delivered to your home.

However, if the filter has failed, this does not happen. In most instances, simply replacing the filter will resolve the problem. However, in some instances, the issue is that there is a malfunction in the intake valve that is allowing these particles to get inside the water, but this can also be resolved.

Never Shuts Off

Depending on the location of the pump, you may be able to hear it when it is in operation. If this is the case, you can hear when the pump starts and when it stops. Should you start to notice that the pump is never going off, pay attention to this as this is an early warning sign.

When a pump doesn't go off, this could be an indication that the water level in the well is too low. In this instance, it might be time for a new well or the pump may just need to be lowered. The longer you wait to resolve this problem, the greater the threat of permanent damage to the pump.

If you suspect a problem with your well pump, it's time to contact a professional to highlight and repair the problem. Avoiding this step may cause the concern to intensify, which will only make it more challenging and costly to repair, so act quickly. 

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