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Hire A Snow Removal Service To Keep Your Parking Lot Clear For Customers

If keeping snow cleared from your parking lot is always a big problem, then you should find a good commercial snow removal company that will do the job for you in a timely manner so the work won't interfere with your customers. Many people offer snow removal, but not everyone is good at removing snow from commercial properties. Here are some things to look for when choosing your new snow removal service.

Hours Of Operation

You want your lot cleared by first thing in the morning so your customers and employees have a place to park. Therefore, the snow removal crew needs to work at night. In addition, if a heavier than usual snow is expected, the crew may need to work during the storm as well as after it so the snow doesn't get so thick that it's impossible to manage. Make sure the snow removal service you choose can arrange to have your lot cleared by your opening hours during each snow storm. This involves a combination of having enough employees and equipment and not taking on more clients than the company can handle.

Type Of Equipment

Another thing you may want to ask about is the type of equipment that will be used. The bigger and more powerful the plow, the quicker the work can be done. This helps the company work more efficiently and care for more customers each night. Since your lot can be cleared quicker, the overall price might be lower when using more powerful equipment too.

Terms Of The Contract

You don't want to hunt for an individual contractor each time it snows, so it's better to sign a service contract with a snow removal company. The contract should last a full season so you are protected against early and late snows. The contract should spell out when your lot will be plowed and what time it will be cleared each morning and whether that applies to just business days or weekends too. Having a contract with a service ensures your lot will be cleared each time it snows so you don't have to worry about it.

There are options you'll want to discuss with your contractor first so you understand how the snow removal process will work. For instance, you'll want to know where the snow will be pushed because you don't want it to block your lot. Also, you'll want to know what affects the price of the service and what all is included, such as removing snow on sidewalks too. For more information, contact companies like C & Z Construction.