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FAQ About Lead Paint In A House

Did you decide to buy an older home and fix it up for your family to live in? Although you may have received a discount on the sells price because of the condition of the house, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is safe enough for your family. For instance, it is known for the paint in old houses to contain lead, which can cause numerous health problems. When you begin renovating the home, it is important to get the paint tested for the presence of lead in case professional abatement is necessary. Browse through the information in this article to learn about paint that contains lead.

Why is Lead Pain Dangerous?

Lead paint is dangerous to have in your home for numerous reasons, especially when it comes to young children. The reason why is because small children can develop health conditions fast due to them being so sensitive to lead. One of the ways that lead can affect small children is by causing them to experience behavioral problems. Brain damage is one of the most severe symptoms that children experience from lead exposure. Lead can also have a bad effect on adults by causing symptoms such as muscle pain, fertility problems, headaches, and difficulty remembering things.

How Can Paint Be Tested for Lead?

Paint can be tested for lead using several methods, such as by purchasing a kit that allows you to perform the task on your own. It is also possible for you to chip some of the paint off of the walls and send it in to a laboratory that specializes in testing for lead. However, sending the paint to a laboratory might lead to you having to wait a while for the results to come back. The best way to get lead paint tested in a timely manner is to hire an abatement specialist to come to your house. He or she can perform the task by using a technique known as x-ray fluorescence to detect the lead.

How Should Lead Paint Be Removed?

It is important for you to hire an abatement specialist to remove lead paint if it is found in your home. The reason why is because the task must be done in a specific way to prevent it from causing any harm. For instance, the area of your house in which abatement is being done must be sealed off to prevent particles of paint from going into other rooms. A specialist will want to seal off air ducts and keep the HVAC system off until all of the lead paint is taken out of the house. Your family might be asked to leave until the abatement process is complete.

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