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How A Professional Company Can Successfully Encapsulate Your Property's Crawl Space

Although the crawl space in your home often remains unseen, it's an important area to maintain. After all, mold and mildew can develop in this dark, humid area. You can prevent this from happening, though, with professional encapsulation. Specialists will perform the following steps to ensure this process is carried out correctly.

Remove All Traces of Mold 

Before your crawl space is permanently sealed off, these professionals will first remove any traces of mold. This is important because if mold was left inside after encapsulation, it would continue to grow and thus create unhealthy living conditions in your home.

Once mold is identified, it will first be treated with bleach. This kills off mold and prevents it from spreading throughout the crawl space. Mold is then scraped away and sucked up with a HEPA filtered vacuum – an important instrument for preventing mold spores from scattering around in the air.

Seal Off the Appropriate Areas 

Now that your crawl space has been treated for mold, these professionals can start sealing off the appropriate areas. First, a vapor barrier is applied to the walls, ceiling, and floors. It helps decrease moisture, keeping this area as dry as possible. 

Then, a thermal barrier is added to every wall to prevent outdoor air from seeping inside. Generally, foam insulation is used to apply this thermal barrier quickly and safely. Once all the appropriate areas have been sealed, the encapsulation specialists will double-check to make sure no crevices or gaps were left out.

Maintain Dryness 

For optimal encapsulation results, your crawl space should always remain dry. These professionals can implement several methods to maintain dryness. For example, they can set up air dehumidifiers to control the humidity levels in the crawl space. A lot of these dehumidifiers come equipped with remote monitoring, which allows you to adjust settings without having to enter the crawl space and damage the work that was done.

These professionals can also keep your crawl space dry by making sure your foundation has proper drainage. This entails ensuring the gutters on your roof are structurally sound and free of blockage. Finally, they'll check the foundation to make sure there aren't any holes or cracks where water could seep through and then enter your crawl space. If imperfections are found, they'll be sealed up promptly. 

When your crawl space is encapsulated professionally, you're improving your house in so many ways. Most importantly, your household will be a safer place for family, friends, and guests. As long as you hire the right company for this extensive job, you'll be happy with the end results. Visit a site like http://www.permadrywaterproofing.com/ for more help.