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Can't Sell Your House? Why Your Kitchen May Be To Blame And How To Fix It

Some houses seem to stay on the market for a very long time. As an owner of a house for sale, you may be tempted to assume that it is just the economy or that people are not looking to buy a house right now. Can you still convince yourself of that a year from now? Would you even want to?

Maybe the real problem has to do with a room in your house. Oftentimes, it is the fault of the kitchen. If your kitchen has never been remodeled, or if you have not remodeled it in the last ten years, it is probably the kitchen. Kitchen remodeling services can help with that, right on down to assessing and updating the look of the kitchen. Here is why buyers may be turned off by your kitchen, and how remodeling can fix it.

The Younger the Buyer, the Less Likely They Want a "Fixer-Upper"

You probably do not see your home as a "fixer-upper." However, younger generations see anything and everything they would want to change about a home, and in their heads, that quantifies your home as a "fixer-upper," even when nothing needs to be fixed. The younger the generation, the less likely they are going to be swayed by a kitchen that looks like something they remember from when they were growing up. 

Older Generations Do Not Want "Projects" Either

A kitchen that needs updating is something that not even older generations will touch. It is costly and time consuming, and it leaves them with no functional kitchen for several weeks in a house they just bought. This would be why you have been able to show the home to all age groups, but every single individual or couple decided to pass after a walk-through of the home.

Try Simple Changes to See If It Makes a Difference (or Poll Buyers)

You could try some simple changes to the kitchen, such as fresh paint, new hardware, new countertops, and a new sink. This is not a total remodel, but it may make a difference. If you still cannot sell the house, you can ask your real estate agent to poll the people that come to an open house or do a walk-through. The poll would be simple, and anonymous, and it would include a question about which room of the house needs updating or changes. If your poll cards consistently say "kitchen," then you know that the kitchen has been a problem for other buyers as well. 

Hire a Remodeling Contractor

Okay, so you know that the kitchen needs an overhaul. Take the house off the market until this project is complete. Then look for a remodeling contractor. Consult with an interior decorator to see what appeals to home buyers right now. Ask the decorator and the remodeling contractor what homeowners are requesting a lot of; that will steer you in the direction to remodel this kitchen so that it appeals to more buyers.

Then, when you have hired a remodeling contractor, you can transform the kitchen. The contractor's crew will rip out old cabinets and flooring, replace them, and begin replacing everything from sink to layout. (Sometimes a change in the layout of a kitchen can make a really big difference, too.)

If you are able, consider knocking down a wall or expanding the kitchen if the kitchen is rather small. A small kitchen is a turn-off to buyers because it reminds them of apartment living, and/or it does not leave enough space to entertain. The dramatic changes you make to the kitchen should definitely resolve any problems you have with selling the property.

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