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A Wooden Countertop Will Last a Lifetime and May Feature Unique Characteristics

Wooden pieces are glued together and laminated during the construction of a wooden countertop. Although quartz, granite, and metal are fairly popular countertop choices, wood is a material that never loses its style and a wooden countertop will essentially last for your lifetime, as long as you take good care of it. Choose a butcher block style of counter to design a unique countertop that features knots, grain markings, and shaded areas.

Choose a Type of Wood

Butcher block countertops can be all varieties of wood and can feature a singular wood variety or many types that are lined up in a complementary pattern. First, think of your kitchen's current state and the colors and design scheme that have been used to decorate the room.

Are you interested in a light and airy kitchen, or do you want a cooking space that features a more rustic and primitive appearance? A lighter-colored wood, such as pine or cedar, can be used to create a light-colored butcher block counter that looks like it was designed just for your kitchen due to the other bright and airy objects and decor items that are already adorning the room.

For a rustic appearance, choose a butcher block counter that is constructed of strips of dark maple, cherry, or redwood. Your counter can feature one variety of wood or you can add some subtle highlights or lowlights to the food preparation area by choosing two or more types of wood that are varying colors and textures.

Although a laminate covering will be applied over the wooden surface, after all of the wood strips have been aligned and glued together you will still be able to see which strips of wood contain a unique texture ,and you will actually be able to spot the grain of the wood and any unique features, such as prominent knots or slight imperfections. All of these characteristics will provide the countertop with a one-of-a-kind look.

Be Mindful of How You Use and Clean the Countertop

A butcher block counter can withstand liquid and dry spills because the laminate covering will prevent stains from penetrating. You do need to be mindful, however, of how you utilize the counter space when preparing meals.

If you are going to be using a sharp, serrated knife, place food on top of a cutting board before slicing it so that knicks and cuts do not appear in the countertop's surface. If the laminate surface becomes dull after extended use, have the countertop resurfaced. When wiping off the countertop or removing surface stains, use cleaning products that are non-abrasive and that do not contain chemicals that could cause discoloration.

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