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Ways To Make Your Bathroom More Modern

You want to update your bathroom, but you don't know exactly how. You don't want to completely overhaul this space because you don't have a large budget nor do you have a lot of room to work with, but you don't want to leave yourself with your existing bathroom as-is either. You can make a few small changes, such as getting a shower niche, to make your bathroom far more convenient for you. Here are things you can do to make your bathroom greater.

Get a shower niche

Is your bathroom's shower plain in its design or lacking depth? You can get a shower niche, which is an in-wall shelf placed right inside the shower enclosure, to give your shower greater depth and use.

A shower niche makes your shower space look more attractive. The niche — you can install a single niche or a few of them, or have a few shelves put into one larger niche — can be used to house shampoo, conditioner, and other shower needs to keep your bathroom organized and modern in its design.

Change your flooring

Consider upgrading the bathroom floors you have in this intimate space to more attractive vinyl or tile. You can even use decorative rock or stone in your bathroom. Make sure whatever flooring you choose, it's waterproof or water resistant. New flooring is especially beneficial for your bathroom if you have carpet in this space currently or if your existing floors are moisture damaged.

Change your decor

Are the fixtures in your tub and sink outdated? Do you have other additions in the bathroom that you want to accent with new features? How about changing the paint in your bathroom to more neutral, attractive colors? Or changing your light fixtures so the lighting is brighter and more convenient? Are you wanting to add a new vanity to your bathroom to make the space easier to use?

New decor in your bathroom will make the space more contemporary and modern even if you do nothing else to update the space. You can talk to your contractor to see if making a few smaller changes can be all the updating you need. If you need to add more features later, you can have your contractor do them for you.

Whether you want a shower niche or something more major done to your bathroom, an upgrade will be beneficial to you in many ways. Speak to your contractor to see what your options are based on your budget.

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