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Info About The Designing Of Your Office Building

If you are going to be having an office building design done for your office space, then you want to make sure the office is going to be perfect. While the office building is in the planning stage, you need to make sure you have thought about all angles and anything you might need in the future. This is your chance to have an entire office that suits all your needs. Here are some areas you want to consider. 

Your office

You need to decide what you will be using your office for. Are you going to hold any meetings in the office, or will you use a conference room for all of them? If you aren't going to hold meetings in your office, then you may want to give up some square footage to other areas that would work out better being larger. If you will be holding meetings, then you want the shape and size of the office to be appropriate. Also, do you want your office to be in the middle of everything, so you can keep an eye on your employees? Or, would you prefer somewhere away from all the hustle and bustle, so you can have a quiet space to think and work?

Your staff offices

Decide if any of your employees are going to have larger offices for any reason. Other than the few offices that may need to have more room, try to keep the others about the same size. You can forego a lot of hostility in the workplace by not having a couple of very small offices people will resent being in. 

Restroom facilities

Where you put the restroom facilities is very important. You don't want the restroom to be too far from any one area, so you should try to have the office designed in a way that accommodates as many people as possible without forcing some people to be too close to where they would be bothered by the foot traffic. 

Emergency exits

Make sure you follow all local laws and requirements regarding the designing of the emergency doors and make sure everyone would be able to quickly escape the office in an emergency. Along these same lines, you also need to make sure the office is handicap-accessible and friendly to the extent also required by local laws and requirements. Signs also need to be posted for the handicapped once the office building is completed and before you open for business.

Contact an office building design consultant for more information.