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The Log Home Renovation Guide To Preserve The Value Of Your Rural Property

If you own a rural property with a log home, neglect can be a problem that eventually causes damage and diminishes the value of your property. Therefore, renovations can be a good investment for your log home, and with the right materials, you will be able to reduce some of the issues with neglect and wear. The following log home renovation guide will help you preserve the value of your rural property:

  • Clinking to seal the logs and interior—Clinking of logs is the material that goes between two logs to seal the structure from exterior elements. This log clinking has traditionally be done with materials like clay, mortar, and other materials that are vulnerable to decay and damage. Therefore, you may want to use more modern materials like foam and flexible spray log clinking to provide a better seal for the logs and reduce problems.
  • Upgrading log home window and door openings—The window and door openings of your log home are other areas where you will want to invest in improvements when doing renovations. First, you may want to upgrade old timber frame openings with structural steel reinforcements. The windows and doors can also be replaced with modern materials like metal and vinyl, which will improve the durability of the opening and energy efficiency of your rural home.
  • Modern log sealants to help protect your rural home—Another part of the maintenance that needs to be done to your log home is sealing the logs. Today, modern sealants are more advanced and specifically designed for log homes. When it is time to seal the exterior of logs in your home, you want to make sure to use a sealant product that is specifically formulated to protect the type of logs that your home is made of.
  • More durable composites for log home repairs and improvements—There are also many modern building composites that you will want to consider for renovations to your log home. These can be materials that are used for trim and molding details and architectural accents for your log home. There are even synthetic composites that are manufactured to look like timber and log components that would be used in traditional log home construction.

These log home renovations will help preserve the value of your rural property. When you get ready to start repairing and renovating your rustic home, contact a log home material supplier to get everything, you need