Using And Troubleshooting Smartphone Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers and smartphones have both come a long way--together. Unfortunately, sometimes things go awry and smartphone-controlled garage door openers do not always work. Here is an introduction to the innovative smartphone garage door opener, and things to check if this revolutionary method hiccups. Innovative Garage Door Openers Gone are the days of manually opening the garage door. The first models were actually invented in the 1920s, and made commercially available in the 1950s. [Read More]

2 Benefits Of Recycling Scrap Iron

Recycling scrap iron is a great way to help both yourself and the environment. Two benefits of recycling scrap iron are to make money and protect the environment. Make Money Recycling iron is a fantastic way to make money on your next construction or remodeling project. Throughout most remodeling projects, there are going to be fixtures, pipes, and other items that can contain iron that you can then have taken to a recycling center that will pay you for the iron content of the items. [Read More]

How Winter Weather Can Affect Your Garage Door

If you're like most people, then you probably don't realize that weather, especially cold weather, can have an effect on your garage door. While garage doors can experience problems any time of the year and require repair, wintertime is the most common time for garage doors to act up. Read on to learn about some of the most common cold-weather garage door problems and what you can do about them. [Read More]

How Much Do Your Old Single-Pane Windows Cost? Why Not Buying Breaks The Budget

Just about everyone knows that new home windows are expensive. After all, there's the cost to buy those really nice double-paned or triple-paned windows, plus all the labor to have the old windows removed and new ones put in. The truth is, if you're still getting by with older single-pane windows, especially in harsh climates, then those old windows may far outstrip the cost of brand new ones. Here are just a few ways they cost you money. [Read More]